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Dinner Dinner Dinner!

Come check it out! bruschetta {$} changes weekly! summer salad […] Read More »

Surprise! Opening back up next week…

We’re making some changes here at Hostel Tevere, including opening back up next week! The Grift will be playing at our place Saturday 22 November starting around 8pm. Don’t miss it! Come in for some great live music, awesome draughts and our new teeny tiny but delicious bar grub.

Please like our Facebook page for the most up-to-date stay/eat/drink/live music information.


Way more than a place to stay.

An affordable lodging option in the Mad River Valley, Hostel Tevere was created to provide all types of travelers with a comfortable, clean, modern and energetic base from which they can explore the area’s wonderful offerings and outdoor activities.

At Hostel Tevere, you start with a clean, comfortable bed, stay with us for breakfast, and come back to join us for dinner and drinks if you would like.

Hostel Tevere is a lodging atmosphere worth enjoying. Take a look at our rooms and rates to see when we can accommodate you, or stop by for a meal and a drink to check us out.

PS: Check out THIS great little write up on the hostel from our friends at OvrRide!