VORCZA playing Hostel Tevere 8 Jan 2010

Hostel Tevere presents VORCZA on Friday the 8th January 2010, starting at 9 pm. $7 cover “Rising stars of a new jazz generation.” – Seven Days Come enjoy a night of great jazz with the trio of Gabriel Jarrett, Rob Morse and Ray Paczkowski. Give us a call with any questions! 802 496 9222 Read More »

request for photos…

Calling all Hostel Tevere shirt owners. I am asking for photos of our friends, family, patrons, in their Hostel Tevere shirts, in their respective current locations. I don’t care if you live in the middle of nowhere. Snap a shot of you in your shirt (pants preferable) in the middle of nowhere and email it [...] Read More »

New website photos and what we are looking forward to…

Well our fantastic friends at Sandpaper Studio in Indianapolis have put some great new photos of the real thing on our website. I know, long time coming. But they are up, and really look great. Check them out. There are new photos on most of the pages and give a better idea of what it [...] Read More »

Staying at a Holiday Inn, eating at Dennys…

Are we sure we arent in Dallas? Thanks Morgan for the heads up. Nope, we are in Costa Rica. Here is a quick rundown of our day yesterday. We get on the plane, all looks good, buckle up, and proceed to sit there for 2 hours as they fix the fuel chamber. Then, they tell [...] Read More »

Heading south for the winter…or just a week.

Following a very successful Hostel Halloween, we will be closing from 2 Nov – 14 Nov for a little bit of the 3 R’s…rest, relaxation and renovation. The great Bill Wright will be present at the Hostel if you really need to stop by, otherwise Giles and I will get back to you once we [...] Read More »

A Hostel Halloween!

Come join us for the first ever Hostel Halloween, 31 Oct @ 8 pm. We have a great band playing for us that evening. Red Diamond Presents Johnny Reid + Colleen Mari with The Eames Brothers Band. Check them out at eamesbrothersband.com. The band will go on around 9:30, cover is $5 in costume, $10 [...] Read More »

Snow, Mascot, Hoodies + the Hostel Tevere Thanksgiving for Misfits 2009

Basically the title tells all. Had our first snow here at Hostel Tevere. Snapped a quick photo to prove it. Here she is. Also, we have made Hostel Tevere hoodies! They are great for people and dogs. I try to limit the amount of times Giles puts the dog in this one, but he kinda [...] Read More »

Jack + Ming Suwatcharapinun @ Hostel Tevere!

This post is a little late, but much needed. We had the pleasure of hosting the Suwatcharapinun’s back in late August for a weekend, including of course my good friend and old roommate Vadit. Vadit’s father Jack is a chef and was kind enough to cook a Thai feast for us and our other guests [...] Read More »

Hostel Tevere in Tarifa!

Here is picture proof that Hostel Tevere has been spotted in Spain. Our resident Spaniard Joan Ricart Ballara donned his new favorite tshirt while in southern Spain on vacation. Gracias Guan!! Now if only we can get our favorite German to wear one in Madrid… Read More »

Hostel Tevere in the news

I just wanted to post the link for our latest news article in the 7 Days Burlington based Vermont newspaper. Thanks to Lauren Ober for coming to stay with us and writing a fantastic article! Sarah Read More »