VT Festival of the Arts Hostel Event!

Hostel Tevere is teaming up with Awaken Yoga to offer a morning outdoor yoga and brunch as part of the Vermont Festival of the Arts. Breathe in the Universe and move with the mountains! Join us for meditation, breath work, yoga postures and relaxation, finished with a fresh, healthy, delicious summer brunch in the Hostel [...] Read More »

A place for Premiers – guest blog #2

First time in the USA and directly at the boonies. But Sarah and Giles give us a warm welcome and so it wasn’t as this tragic. At first we think:O my god. A hostel…but Hostel Tevere is even more. It is a familiar place with nice people. You don’t only get good food (i’ve got [...] Read More »

The Empire Strikes Back… Or Not

As an Englishman it was nice to find Vermont as we left it in the 18th century. No, seriously [ trust me, I am now writing in the style of Sarah] the land of the green mountain is totally wicked cool and the English think the Americans [aka our ancestors] have done a really good [...] Read More »

Open for Breakfast!

Well we have “officially” opened for breakfast. Which right now seems like a huge mistake because I have to get up at 545 everyday. Awesome. But we have had a really great start, some return customers, lots of locals and I have a breakfast restaurant in my house. Now we are really living the American [...] Read More »

This place looks great with people in it…

We should do that more often! Thursday the 25th we hosted the Chamber of Commerce mixer. After a big push to pull everything together, the Hostel, restaurant and bar look wonderful. And we had a great turnout. The food was wonderful and enjoyed by all, and the bar is up and running. Thanks to everyone [...] Read More »

New, Delicious + Comfortable Things…

The title pretty much sums up the blog post for this week. We have lots of new things going on here at Hostel Tevere. The recent and exciting addition of Chuck, our friend from our Roman days, is responsible for all the delicious things that have been happening here. He has come on to work, [...] Read More »

John the Welder

I think one of the major steps to being a complete Hostel has just been passed. We have bunk beds! Our welder, John Butler, drove up from the Cape Friday night, all beds in tow. Basically what happened was that we were unable to find bunk beds for sale that weren’t either a car bed, [...] Read More »

Cesare – The new Hostel Tevere family addition

So we decided to take a day off, since these are Joan’s last few days with us here at Hostel Tevere. We headed to Burlington on Saturday to do a little shopping for the Hostel. We came back with a few throw pillows for the living room, a nude renaissance shower curtain for the main [...] Read More »

More than a Club!

Fins i tot des de les amèriques les victòries blaugrana es viuen amb la mateixa intensitat i passió que hom pot fer-ho des de terres catalanes.  Aquest es un moment històric per la nostre gent i el nostre pais, qui sap si ho tornarem a viure, hem de disfrutar aquest moment, això es molt gran! [...] Read More »

Three Nations

We were happy to represent here at Hostel Tevere three foreign nations this past weekend: Germany, Spain and Wisconsin. Our great longtime German friend Markus and his sister Verena were visiting for a few days and coupled with all the other daily madness that goes on here, we had an uber fantastic time, ya. Read More »