2010, where'd you go?

2010 was definitely a fun-filled and adventurous year for everyone here at Hostel Tevere.  With only 6 months of ‘hosteliering’ under our belts, we entered 2010 and our first winter with little idea of what the next 12 months might bring.  And 2010 pretty much brought everything and the kitchen sink, and somehow we managed [...] Read More »

Hostel Tevere in Powder Magazine!

Aaaand we’re back. Well barely, who are we kidding. We just had an epic Oktoberfest weekend up here at the Hostel, and much thanks to the Hughtoberfest crew, and the McClure party for making it a great time. Our returning guest and friend Claudio served up another great German inspired meal for us Sunday afternoon [...] Read More »

On the Schedule(pronounce it weird if you are english) . . .

So October is fast approaching and we here in (the) Vermont are getting ready for an exciting month before we wait for the snow to arrive.  We have a plethora of events and gatherings going on over the course of the whole month, some new, some old.  Live Music, Guest Chef Dinners, the peak of [...] Read More »

Buy your doors? Nah. Let's make one.

So I’m finally going to make a post about the pocket door I made for the new bathroom upstairs in the dorms. Turns out it’s slightly more involved than I thought it would be. Figures. So I’m just gonna get to the photos, because I can’t really figure out how to explain it. Long story [...] Read More »

We are bad at "blogging…"

So I think it’s pretty safe to say that Giles and I are the worst “bloggers” in the history of the hospitality industry, or maybe the world. Not sure. And I think it’s unfortunate because we have tons of hilarious things going on here at Hostel Tevere, all the time. Not to mention that we [...] Read More »

World Cup Day 7-14

France, gone. Italy, gone.  USA, through to the second round with a possible path that could see the US squirm it’s way all the way to the semi’s,(in my bracket at least.)  There are a thousand things to discuss and digest from these last 8 days of the World Cup.  The field of 16 will [...] Read More »

World Cup Day 3-6

The Jabulani, Vuvuzela’s, and one huge upset represent the best story-lines over the past 4 days.  The Jabulani, the new super high-tech ball designed by Adidas, has continued to come under scrutiny with comments by some of the world’s best coaches that something must be done.  Doesn’t seem to me that Germany or Argentina have [...] Read More »

Day 2

1-1, Points on the board against the ‘best’ in the group . . . Read More »

World Cup Day 1

Day 1 is over and it has definitely been more a day of anticipation than anything else.  Tomorrow’s match pretty much eclipse’s anything else that is going on right now here regarding the tournament.  After a day that saw two ties, some controversy that has since been resolved, some old and new faces here at [...] Read More »

Just one week away . . .

The culmination of the last 4 years of international soccer is now just one week away. Without a doubt, the 2010 World Cup will definitely be the sporting event of the year. Estimates for viewership worldwide have some sitting well over a billion viewers over the course of the 30 day tournament. By this time [...] Read More »