Mustache Blast from the Past

Here’s a photo from last year’s Mustache March: I’m not sure if those are Hostel employees or Supertroopers extras. Read More »

Mustache March

It’s Mustache March in the valley. To celebrate, the Hostel and friends are using upper lip hair to honor great mustaches of history such as the “Chester A. Arthur“, the “Bill the Butcher“, the “Ambrose Burnside“, and the “Doc Holliday“. There’s one guy in that photo who’s having a really good time. I’ll let you [...] Read More »

Cell it to Me

One thing I noticed when I moved here is how bad the cell phone service is in the valley. It’s like we’re still in the 20th century except everyone has wireless internet. Which is too bad, because my friend just told me about this hotline (719-26OATES) where you can punch in a code and hear [...] Read More »

Recent food happenings….

Hope you all have been enjoying Matt’s quite funny staff blog posts. We are still creating lots of delicious and crazy things here in the Hostel Tevere kitchen, so I decided to share a few…oh, and it’s finally snowing. Cheers! Read More »

The Staff Part III: Everything Will Be OKaylie

Meet Kaylie, our intrepid dishwasher. Here are some interesting things to know about Kaylie: Unlike most people in the valley, who have been skiing since they were 2,* she has been skiing since she was one and a half, and let me tell you that extra work she put in really paid off. Just a [...] Read More »

Kitchen Improv

This past Sunday got interesting when our propane tank went dry with an hour of breakfast service to go. Sarah and Ed had to get creative to keep the line moving. Just like camping! Read More »

Eyes on the Staff: Tara

Next up in our staff series: Tara, who does many vital jobs around here, including serving breakfast, keeping the Hostel tidy, and being loud at the bar. No photographs of Tara are known to exist, but scientists have attempted to reconstruct a likeness of her which is displayed below. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to [...] Read More »

Eyes on the Staff: Ed

Welcome to our new running series, where we introduce you to some of the wonderful people who work to make the Hostel Tevere the best hostel/restaurant/bar/funhouse in the land. First up is Ed, whom many of you know as our Wednesday night bartender. Did you know that Ed also busts his butt in the kitchen [...] Read More »

It’s a Sign

Here at the Hostel Tevere, we’re always trying to cook up new ways to let you know about the fantastic things that could happen on any given night. This week we put the finishing touches on some new signs which will hang underneath the big one by Route 100. Keep your eyes on that spot. [...] Read More »

Welcome Matt

Hi everyone! Please allow myself to introduce myself. My name is Matt, and I’m working at the Hostel Tevere this winter. During your visits you may see me scampering about with the grace of a donkey eating a waffle, doing all kinds of random things to help keep the place running smoothly during the busiest [...] Read More »