2010, where'd you go?

2010 was definitely a fun-filled and adventurous year for everyone here at Hostel Tevere.  With only 6 months of ‘hosteliering’ under our belts, we entered 2010 and our first winter with little idea of what the next 12 months might bring.  And 2010 pretty much brought everything and the kitchen sink, and somehow we managed to make sure that ‘all we did was have fun, all the time’.

(The) Vermont is truly an unique place filled with some amazing individuals, couples, communities, natural beauty and an astonishing amount of things to do outdoors.  We discovered that the hostel is surrounded by hundreds of miles of trails, bike and running paths, mountain passes, scenic vistas and some awesome wildlife.  We saw our first bear, (twice in the same night), a plethora of moose and deer, some crazy beavers and Chez got to discover his affinity for camouflaging into the scenery.  We are especially appreciative of all the great people we have met and interacted with since we moved here.  The amount of support from the valley has been tremendous and definitely catapulted us onto another level here at the hostel.  Thank you to everyone who has helped us in any way, shape, or form, we are grateful.

So what does 2011 have in store for Hostel Tevere?  We are looking forward to an awesome music schedule featuring some of the best local acts and others from all over the east coast.  We are welcoming back OVR for several Sugarbush visits as well as a couple of alumni groups and of course great friends and family from all over the world.  Speaking of which, to all you fans out there, send us some photos of you and your hostel shirt somewhere awesome, and remember, anywhere with an HT shirt is awesome. We have also modified our hours in order to serve all of our guest better.

Breakfast is now SUNDAY ONLY from 8am-3pm

Bar: Wednesday-Saturday 6pm-Close, FOOD from appx 8-11pm.

Hostel Guests fear not, hostel dinners are still on the docket and we will be offering a limited breakfast menu for guests on Saturday mornings.

So thanks Al Gore for creating this awesome thing called the internet and allowing folks like us to blog away as randomly and sporadically as possible.



oh yeah, for all of you out there waiting on the photos/updates of the demo projects/remodels that have been going on, ask sarah . . .  a lot.