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THE MAD BURGER at Hostel Tevere

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Things to do without a coat

Summer in the Valley is a time of activity and motion as all of the big events begin to take shape. The weekly farmers market turns Saturdays into local gatherings. Farms and fields are beginning to fill in, and the river is flowing strong and fast. There are some great water and swimming holes right across the street from the hostel. With the outdoors offering so much to do, there is little reason to not take advantage! 4th of July is also a major happening in the village.
Sugarbush offers an intricate network of trails and courses for mountain bikers. Some trails run all the way from the mountain down into Waitsfield Village with a vertical drop of more than 3000 feet. The Mad River Riders are a local organization that has a vast amount of information regarding more mountain biking options in the Valley.
Hostel Tevere is in the middle of some of the best hiking country in the Northeast. Just miles from the Long Trail and Catamount Trails, as well as the Appalachian Trail, we are located in the heart of some amazing treks. Also, there are hundreds of local trails and spots that are available to hike for a good portion of the year. Lookout points abound, and there are moose that live in the area that always make a night trip interesting. The Green Mountain Club is a Vermont hiking organization that has information on all your hiking questions.
The Mad River is known for having some great kayaking spots and there are guided tours offered by a number of the outdoor outfitters in the area that accommodate all levels. The river runs higher and lower at certain times depending on rainfall, creating excellent conditions for all kayakers. There is also a section right next to the hostel that can be used for tubing.
The surroundings of Hostel Tevere are extremely unique and authentic. Located in the Mad River Valley within the Green Mountains, Hostel Tevere has opportunities just outside our doors to partake in any of the area’s activities. Whether it is water sports, mountain activities or just enjoying the local sights, Hostel Tevere is in the middle of it all. Also, Warren and Waitsfield are home to many covered bridges and historical buildings. There are several Frisbee Golf courses located in the area as well. Sugarbush sponsors two courses, a base course and an upper mountain course. There are also a number of courses around the area within driving distance.