Almost ready to open!

Well, we’re back, and almost ready to open for the season! The wedding was fabulous, our guests amazing, the weather perfect, and of course, the food absolutely delicious. But Giles and I are thrilled to be back home in Vermont, and getting the Hostel ready for some excited things this summer. Our first night open for the bar and dinner will be this Friday 29th June, and our first breakfast will be this Sunday 1 July!

We’ve just welcomed our first friend/helper of the season, Maria. Straight from Barcelona, she’ll be around most of July, lending a hand and keeping things international! Next to come will be our good friend from Rome Brent, originally from New Orleans. He’ll be with us mid july through the rest of the season. He’s ginger though, so if you’re allergic, take caution and enter at your own risk ;)

And our third major addition to the Hostel team this summer will be Elise, our new Chef! She will be arriving in the beginning of August, and we will be transitioning to her super exciting and delicious new menu shortly thereafter! I know what you are thinking, and yes, we will be keeping the suppli and the chowder on the menu.

That’s all for now. I will leave you with a fun photo from the wedding, waiting to buy an espresso before we arrive at the reception! By the way, our photographer Shannon Roddy, did an absolutely amazing job!

Happy to be back,

Sarah, Giles + Cesare