Buy your doors? Nah. Let's make one.

So I’m finally going to make a post about the pocket door I made for the new bathroom upstairs in the dorms. Turns out it’s slightly more involved than I thought it would be. Figures. So I’m just gonna get to the photos, because I can’t really figure out how to explain it. Long story short, it’s a lot of 1/2″ plywood as a base and frame, with layered rectangular 1/4″ plywood pieces as infill. And of course my entire spastic collection of random bar + event cards from living in Europe. I guess when we leave the hostel, the door is gonna have to go with us.

I used a Magic Hat #9 tap handle as the toilet paper holder. It’s awesome. Sorry Magic Hat. I still love your beer. Also we installed a great dual flush TOTO toilet. I think most of our guests don’t get it. I bet they push the “big” button just cause it’s bigger…

Despite a few frustrating moments, I enjoyed it, and think I got a much more unique result than I would have gotten with a purchased pocket door. So yeah, if you want to make your own doors, go ahead. I’m sure you have much more carpentry experience than I do!