Caro Diario, Oggi, Ho fatto tanto ancora, gia?

December is here, and after an eventful summer/fall we are back open ready for the winter and just waiting for the snow.  A heat wave earlier this week thwarted the bushes efforts to get a good base down on the top of the mountain, and rain never helps.  So he we are again in December with temperatures dropping, cars not starting and no snow on the mountain.  Rumor is Wednesday next week the lifts will spin so maybe everyone will get some turns in before the 2nd wED’Snesday of the season.  Ed still isn’t sure what this means but i think a few more weeks of confusion and hype will be all that this party needs.

Bookings are starting to come in so please please call early or book online to ensure that you get your beds when you want them.  Sushi will continue every Thursday throughout the winter and Live Music on Friday’s.  We are excited to welcome everyone back and meet some new faces.  Got friends coming up this way? Have a child in college who happened to pick up the For20′s pass? Send them our way this winter and see what’s got everyone so excited.


Packers are still 11-0, just in case you forgot.