Culinary adventures with Sarah and Giles

We decided to start a series of posts that catalogue what happens when you hand over a full commercial kitchen to two unqualified, inexperienced young business owners who both love food. I’m not saying we both love exactly thesame food, but over our almost five years together, we have definitely cultivated a serious love for all things delicious. For Giles, delicious is defined as (among other things) cheddar, bacon, fried eggs, more cheddar, and anythingwith bacon fat. He also whole heartedly believes that everything would be better with the addition of any of those 4 ingredients. I, on the other hand, am very much a “less is more” kind of person, and this definitely translates to my cooking.

Basically this is how it works…I wake up, decide what I want to cook that night based on what I need to use from the kitchen, I get started with what I have, Giles makes one (or more) emergency trips to the supermarket and Kingsbury Market Garden to make up for my lack of planning, and then joins me in the kitchen. We normally watch Law and Order marathons on the kitchen television while this is all happening, and perhaps enjoy a cold adult beverage. Sad to say, there has been more than one occasion recently where I turn to a Law and Order episode that I have already seen….I know, you didn’t think that was possible.

First up, fried squash flowers from our garden (because we couldn’t just let them go to waste.) Stuffed with a little mozzarella, beer battered, light, crunchy and delicious!!! We left out the Italian style anchovy because Giles thinks they are “gross.”

Ok, there’s no cheddar or bacon in these, but there is cheese, and we all know there is nothing better than some good melty cheese.

And for dessert! Plum + blueberry kuchen. Which, as it turns out, is extremely appropriate for the go America festivities of the 4th of July (and sunday brunch at the Hostel.)