Dinner Dinner Dinner!

Come check it out!

bruschetta {$} changes weekly!
summer salad {$} kbmg greens, seasonal vegetables, herbed buttermilk dressing
croquette {2.5} cheesy herbed potato goodness, panko fried
hot mess {9} house baked beans + kielbasa, vt cheddar curds + fries
ramen bowl {11} house noodles, seasonal vegetables, veg/soy/miso broth
gremolata fries {7} pecorino romano, garlic + lemon zest, parsley
kefta {8} spiced lamb + beef, tzatziki, dressed kbmg greens
housemade fettuccine carbonara {18} pecorino romano, vt smoke + cure bacon
grilled panzanella {11} green rabbit bread, seasonal vegetables, kbmg greens + marinated white anchovies {4}
hostel burger {12} all burgers come with bacon, vt cheddar, pickle, aioli on side dressed kbmg greens or fries
smoked brisket sandwich {14} mixed pickles, vt cheddar, coleslaw, dressed kbmg greens or fries
and always a selection of house made desserts!