Since closing the restaurant, Giles and I have been a bit bummed that we don’t have any delicious food available to serve our guests for dinner. You are, after all, our first priority! So we’ve decided to bring back a “guest meal” that will be offered on both Friday and Saturday nights this winter season.

It will be simple & healthy. It will be fresh. It will be delicious. 

We’ll be offering one entree each Friday and Saturday, in addition to a vegetable/salad/soup and dessert. You choose as you like! There will be a “guest meal” tentatively reserved for each guest lodging with us that night. There will also be a small handful of meals made for bar patrons. Each evening, we will dish up our yummy creations until they are gone!

We love making you happy. We hope that this will help round out a fantastic day on the mountain with a great, easy, warm meal right here in house!

Dishes currently in the works by the Hostel Kitchen…
cacio e pepe! (grown-up mac and cheese)
mushroom & leek lasagna / creamy béchamel / toasted breadcrumbs
chicken & root vegetable pot pie / drop biscuits 
smothered cabbage & rice soup / parmesan / sweet italian sausage
cream of tomato soup / taleggio grilled cheese
…and more to come!

Happy Fall!