Hooray for Winter!

And it is finally here! Winter is back in the Mad River Valley. Once again, it is time to dust off the skis and snowboards and get back to the mountains. Much like every year, the predictions are varied and abundant but most of our local weather folks are optimistic about the prospects of the coming months. The facts are: 1) that it will snow at some point this winter 2) the amount of said snowfall is unpredictable 3) skiing and snowboarding will take place 4) Hostel Tevere will be right here with beds and beers and even a snack or two.

We are really looking forward to this winter and all of the excitement a new season brings.  A few of the highlights of this winter will be; Citizen Cider/Zero Gravity DART LEAGUE, PUB QUIZ, LIVE MUSIC starting at 8pm, Sarah bartending on Wednesdays(could we be witnessing the birth of the EWWA?), the east warren husbands association(EWHA) on Thursdays, the Packers beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl, another unproductive off season for the Brewers and probably some aged FMIS from Mr. Lawson. Oh, and the new addition to the hostel family, our son Findlay.

Come down, say Hello, meet the kid, have a beer, don’t give us too much shit for closing the restaurant, and let’s all have another awesome winter here in the Mad River Valley.

Giles + Sarah