Just one week away . . .

The culmination of the last 4 years of international soccer is now just one week away. Without a doubt, the 2010 World Cup will definitely be the sporting event of the year. Estimates for viewership worldwide have some sitting well over a billion viewers over the course of the 30 day tournament. By this time next Friday, the tournament will be well under way and the US will be gearing up for their first match on Saturday, at 2:30pm eastern time.

Here at the Hostel, we are trying to make our first World Cup a truly engaging and enjoyable experience for everyone who comes in to watch some great soccer! We have organized a pool/bracket with Three Penny Taproom that is now available to be filled out at both locations. For a minimal cost, come in, fill out your picks, and cheer your favorite teams on to glory. Along with the pool, we will be taking part in a Valley/Capital exchange program with the taproom aimed at fostering important bonding sessions over some amazing beers and awesome breakfast!  On Sunday June 20th and June 27th, we will either be traveling from the taproom to the hostel for breakfast, or vice versa and leaving after breakfast on the 27th and over to the boys in Montpelier for lunch and some knock-out round action!'where some beer might get drank every once in a while . . .'

To all the Valley residents and everyone who is staying with us during the next 30 days, this is your open invitation to root, cheer, scream, shout, laugh, cry and get it all out with us here at Hostel Tevere.  Every 4 years, we all get the opp0rtunity to hope that the US will finally live up to the hype.  If the Confederations Cup of 2009 is any indication of what the US can do, then we should all be hopeful that if and when they put it all together, they can compete with the best in the world.

June 12th at 2:30pm the US will have a great opportunity to silence all of their critics and stick to a now hurting and poorly manned England side.  With Rio Ferdinand’s recent injury and questions of Wayne Rooney’s strength and overall fitness are definitely lingering.  A win against the English would put the US in a commanding position for the rest of the group stage and perhaps provide the confidence the team needs to make a deep run in this years tourney.

Why not come in and watch the game with us! We will have a plethora of screens available for everyone’s viewing pleasure, some soccer trivia w/ prizes and maybe even a giveaway or two!  For more information check us out on Facebookttw or Twitter and be sure to let us know who you will be supporting during the tournament!  Oh, and don’t forget breakfast specials and drink specials all month to celebrate! HTVT 2010