Meet the Staff 5: Cesare

Cesare, AKA Muffin Man, Doodle, Doodly-doo, or Chez.

Cesare has many duties at the Hostel, including:

  • Taste testing all new desserts.
  • Being handsome.
  • Freaking out about needing a walk when everyone’s really busy.
  • Sleeping.

Did you know that macaroni and cheese was named after him? It was first called “mac & chez,” and was later lengthened to its current name. Here’s Cesare doing his best impression of a beached seal.

Cesare pursues many interests during his free time, such as yawning:

and rocking out to AC/DC:

Which he does frequently, because his favorite song is “Givin’ the Dog a Bone.”