New website photos and what we are looking forward to…

Well our fantastic friends at Sandpaper Studio in Indianapolis have put some great new photos of the real thing on our website. I know, long time coming. But they are up, and really look great. Check them out. There are new photos on most of the pages and give a better idea of what it really looks like here at Hostel Tevere 7 months into creation. Mind you, this is still a work in progress. Just today I was making a pocket door from scratch…don’t ask.

We are also gearing up for winter. Tough to gear up for a winter experience you have never had! We are keeping our fingers crossed for a very snowy winter and we think everything will work itself out just fine. We will be adding a regular live music schedule this winter at the bar, as well as some great bar food + apps.

As a very late follow up from the last blog post…the Costa Rica adventure turned out to be fabulous. A lot of reading, beaching, mud, potholes, chopping down coconuts in the middle of the jungle, being attacked by fire ants, slaughtering chickens for meals, making cheese, delivering a calf, surfing, beer, and rescuing a dog. Those are all normal vacation activities right?

Also, here is a picture of the new sign we had made for the front entrance. We love it.


We hope to see you all up here this winter for a snowy visit!