request for photos…

Calling all Hostel Tevere shirt owners. I am asking for photos of our friends, family, patrons, in their Hostel Tevere shirts, in their respective current locations. I don’t care if you live in the middle of nowhere. Snap a shot of you in your shirt (pants preferable) in the middle of nowhere and email it to me at!

We have already collected two from Spain, one from Rome, and we are lucky enough to have a HT shirt on it’s way with Tino to the South Pole. Yup, the real south pole. If you can top that, such as if you are going to space, then we will talk.

Caroline and James, I want one from London asap. Or perhaps the set of the 7th and final Harry Potter?

Tully + Jaclyn, you will be our Californian contingency when you get your shirts in the mail.

Giovanni Poggi, we expect one from behind the bar at La Botticella soon!

Joan, please take one with Ramon in front of a Gaudi for me.

Agustina, uno de Argentina por favor.

Meganne, take one with your favorite horse in Louisville!

Chuck, Seattle, I am requesting specifically the Seattle Public Library. I know, I’m strange.

Tom Carey, take one in France, because you are FRENCH!

Colleen Alberti, bonjour! Montreal please.

Chris Felts, vegas baby.

Tad and Leslie, a photo from Rome, or perhaps if you find yourself at a Bruce + Nils concert anytime soon

Jenna + Walt, maybe take a photo at the bar on the corner in Manzanillo.

Markus, Madrid is great and all, but I really love Germany. Take one in Freiburg.

Raffels, our favorite newly married couple, Milwaukee please. And if any of our fantastic Milwaukee boys can take one at Lambeau, Giles would forever be grateful.

Last but not least, Morgan Smith, take a great shot at your new home, I mean hotel room.

And all others, including the Wiedeman family members that have shirts, take some great photos and send them our way.

Here is a perfect example from two of our favorite people at the Abbey Theatre in Rome.
Ok get on it!