Snow, Mascot, Hoodies + the Hostel Tevere Thanksgiving for Misfits 2009

Basically the title tells all. Had our first snow here at Hostel Tevere. Snapped a quick photo to prove it. Here she is.


Also, we have made Hostel Tevere hoodies! They are great for people and dogs. I try to limit the amount of times Giles puts the dog in this one, but he kinda seems to like it…did I get the wrong dog?


Naw, he’s awesome. But if anyone wants to order one, send us an email with a size and we will get one headed your way! $40

Hostel Tevere will also be hosting the first annual Thanksgiving for Misfits. If you are in the area and aren’t cool enough to be visiting family for the all American tradition, let us know and we would be happy to have you join our feast here at the Hostel. Beer, good food and football.

Otherwise, everything here is going just peachy. Had a full house the last couple weekends, celebrating some birthdays this upcoming weekend and then taking off for a little vacation adventure to Costa Rica before things get crazy here this winter!