Soft Opening Success, New Dinner Menu is a go!

aaaaaand here it is. We are super happy with it, and hope you all are as well! We are open for dinner service Wednesday – Saturday 6pm – 10pm

chile relleno {4}
fire roasted poblano
queso fresco
warm salso ranchero

pork/shitake buns {2each}
steamed bun
hoisin sauce
house pickle

suppli {2each}
tomato risotto

israeli salad {5}
cucumber, tomato, mesclun
fresh lemon zest
olive oil

clam chowder {5cup, 9bowl}
new england
house crutons

insalata caprese {9}
burrata mozzarella
griddled crostini

croque madame {9}
house cured ham
swiss béchamel
sunnyside egg

gnocchi & cheese {10}  
seasonal vegetables
vermont cheddar béchamel

banh mi {9}
warm baguette
house charcuterie/seitan
house pickle
cilantro aioli

poutine {7}
vegetarian gravy
shitake mushrooms
cheese curd

udon {11}
fresh noodles
seasonal vegetables
japanese broth

coconut curried mussels {15}
seasonal vegetables
house naan

chicken rillettes {12}
griddled baguette
dill pickle

hostel burger {12}
spicy tomatillo salsa
bacon, cheddar