Staff Post #4: John the Chef

I know you’ve probably been waiting eagerly to meet more members of the staff, so please allow me to introduce John D’Avignon, our illustrious chef. John makes beautiful music in the kitchen every weekend. That music is then transferred onto a plate and proceeds to make your taste buds dance with joy. Here’s an old file photo of him doing important mustache business on the phone:

And here he’s making some kind of tube-like food. I wasn’t there, but whatever it was I can guarantee you it was delicious.

More fun facts about John:

  • He was a hockey star in high school. That’s where he learned to tenderize meat, a very useful skill in the kitchen.
  • His first and last name rhyme.
  • Tara told me he likes some kind of weird candy, but she couldn’t remember what it was.
  • He doesn’t know karate, but he does know ka-ray-zee.