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THE MAD BURGER at Hostel Tevere

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A totally unique place to visit

The Tevere, pronounced (Te va ray), also known as the Tiber River, is the river that flows through the city of Rome. Having served as the building block for almost every aspect of their society, the Romans have used the Tevere for everything and anything. Water is the basis for all life, and our location across from the Mad River seemed only fitting when deciding upon a name. Since Rome is an important part of our story, we thought it only appropriate to incorporate an important part of it in our business.
Hostel Tevere came about when two young Americans living in Rome decided it was time to make a change. Giles, originally from Milwaukee, was studying international relations, and Sarah, from Cape Cod, was working as an architect. We traveled, stayed in some really great hostels, and some very bad ones, and thought we might give it a try. And here we are, in Vermont, with a hostel, bar, and restaurant, keeping people comfortable and happy through a different, fun, relaxing lodging option in the Mad River Valley.
The simpler the better! And, there is nothing wrong with having a little fun along the way. You are on your vacation, and that means you shouldn’t have to worry about anything other than what you want to. In our eyes, you pay for what you want, literally. We have created a comfortable, clean, modern atmosphere where everyone can hang out for as little or as long as they like while also being as private or as involved as they want. We want people to interact, learn new things, be responsible, and interact with us!
In a nutshell:
  • We are here for you
  • Have fun, be safe, meet new people
  • Open atmosphere
  • Simple, unique, modern, green
  • Spend your money on what’s important to you
  • Friendly staff with a family environment
  • Have a comment, concern, or recommendation? Please tell us.
Hostel Tevere works hard to maintain a sustainable environment for eco-friendly lodging. We will ask that you adhere to our “green” standards during your stay and do everything you can to further our intentions.