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THE MAD BURGER at Hostel Tevere

Exciting news here at HT. A few weeks ago we […] Read More »

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When you make a reservation with Hostel Tevere, you are booking a bed. Included in the price of your bed are fresh linens, a great down comforter and pillow, and a good night’s sleep. We ask that everyone provide their own towels, but we do have some on site should you forget!

In order to simplify our reservation system, we’re asking all guests to book online at the link above.  You will pay a $2 booking fee upon submission of your reservation online. You will be responsible for paying the entire balance of your stay upon your arrival at Hostel Tevere.

By booking online, you are making a confirmed booking. After completing this process, you do not need to call, email, fax, or send an owl or any other magical creature to confirm your booking. Just show up! Hostel Tevere will assign you a bed location in the room you book, when you arrive, but please feel free to request certain beds for you or your group and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Please note: When you are making an online booking, only list the number of people you are personally reserving for, do not include others you may be joining that have made their own reservations.

Our cancelation policy allows you to amend or cancel your reservation up to 72 hours from your arrival (i.e. if your reservation is for Friday arrival, you have until Tuesday night to cancel / amend). Within 72 hours, you are responsible for paying the full balance of your reservation. Of course, special circumstances are always a possibility, and should you feel you have a special situation, we would be happy to try and help!