Staying at a Holiday Inn, eating at Dennys…

Are we sure we arent in Dallas? Thanks Morgan for the heads up. Nope, we are in Costa Rica. Here is a quick rundown of our day yesterday.

We get on the plane, all looks good, buckle up, and proceed to sit there for 2 hours as they fix the fuel chamber. Then, they tell us to get off and on a new plane. We have now missed our connection in Miami. Awesome. So we finally get to Miami 4 hours later, and have to wait 5 hours to catch the later flight to San Jose. Finalmente, we arrive in San Jose at 9:30 pm, have a hotel set up by the airline for the night because we can no longer make the 6 hour trip including a 2 hour ferry ride.

Alas,  no bags. No clothes = Giles and Sarah are wearing the same things, literally as I type, that we put on yesterday at 5 am when we left for the airport. Mind you, we were then dressed for Boston 40 degrees F, and we are now stuck in 80 degrees wearing jeans, sneakers and sweaters. Again, awesome.  Also of note, I ate at my first ever Dennys Restaurant, at 2 am, right across the street from our hotel, as it is the only thing open in a 30 mile radius.

There you have it. A great start to what I am sure will prove to be a crazy vacation. Despite the antics of yesterday, Costa Rica is a beautiful change of scenery from Vermont, and we are psyched to be here and hopefully make it to the beach at some point!

Ciao for now. We will be back at Hostel Tevere in a week for the start of what will hopefully be a great winter!