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THE MAD BURGER at Hostel Tevere

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An amazing view

The Green Mountains are a mountain range found in Vermont that span more than 250 miles. Containing all of Vermont’s major peaks, they are a major part of the Long Trail. Green Mountain Natural Forest is also part of the mountain range and provides for some of the best hiking, skiing, mountain biking and other outdoor sports in the Northeast.

Sugarbush Mountain is conveniently located just 3 miles from our front door to their parking lot. Consisting of both Sugarbush Mountain and Mount Ellen, these two resorts give you the option of skiing or snowboarding more than 53 miles of trails. Sugarbush has it all, aimed at attracting all kinds of winter enthusiasts. It is also home to some of the best mountain biking and frisbee golf in the area.


Mad River Glen offers a ski-only atmosphere that began in 1948. Now operated as the only cooperatively owned ski area in America, Mad River Glen boasted 119 ski days last year. Located just 8.5 miles from our front door, Mad River Glen gives skiers the opportunity to enjoy any of the 45 trails offered at the facility. With a slogan like “Ski it if you can,” Mad River Glen is sure to provide some of the best slopes in the Northeast for those looking for just a little more.