We are bad at "blogging…"

So I think it’s pretty safe to say that Giles and I are the worst “bloggers” in the history of the hospitality industry, or maybe the world. Not sure. And I think it’s unfortunate because we have tons of hilarious things going on here at Hostel Tevere, all the time. Not to mention that we basically started a hostel, bar and restaurant without a single idea how to do any of it. Shhhh. If you have been lucky enough to have visited here, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

I decided that we are now going to start, a year after opening our doors, to throw all of our ridiculous stories from the last 18 months on this here blog. Let’s start with Mr. A. Mr. A was a walk-in in the middle of a busy friday night bar service. As was common practice this past winter, I abandoned the kitchen and probably everything that was on the stove to check him in. Mind you, this is a quick process. We say hi, you pay, I show you to your room. Note to self: Stop showing guests to their rooms. When have you ever been walked to your room at a hostel? Within the first four and a half minutes that I was with Mr. A, I’m pretty sure I knew his blood type. And his financial status. And I definitely knew his adopted daughters monday class schedule in high school (french, study hall, gym, study hall, lunch, math). Imagine the overload. And this is the best part about all of this. I next show Mr. A down to the bar/restaurant area, introduce him to Giles, and leave him comfortably sitting at the bar to continue his life story. I love being back of the house. Thank you Mr. A for your life story. I will make sure when you return that I don’t give you too much oatmeal in the morning. I know you don’t like that…or frosting on your cake.