World Cup Day 1

Day 1 is over and it has definitely been more a day of anticipation than anything else.  Tomorrow’s match pretty much eclipse’s anything else that is going on right now here regarding the tournament.  After a day that saw two ties, some controversy that has since been resolved, some old and new faces here at the Hostel, and the realization that vuvuzelas are pretty annoying, we can only say that we are ready for the whatever the 2010 World Cup may bring!.

Both games were slow to start, with one team clearly dominating (Mexico and France), and two teams recovering and giving the aforementioned some great competition.  The ball that has been the discussion of almost every pundit seems to be living up to the rumors and looks to be an interesting story line for the rest of the tournament.  After watching the reaction/movement of the ball off of set pieces, corners, and lob/chip passes, the ball seems to sail with a greater ferocity than balls that are used in other leagues worldwide.  This is extremely evident when ABC/ESPN show the super slow motion and you can see the ball floating with little to no rotation.  Or when there are long balls played down the wings that are severly ‘misjudged.’ My only hope is that it doesn’t cause a major disaster.  Refereeing, boh, it’s not going to be a quiet tourney on that end. Day 1, although not the most exciting in terms of the games themselves, was definitely a great opening day and reminded me of just what the World Cup really is.

It has always amazed me how much people care about the World Cup when it comes to teams that they have no real relationship too.  And that is what makes this all so amazing and such an awesome experience.  So, come down tomorrow and join us for what is sure to be a great day of breakfast, soccer(football), a US victory, and maybe a mojito/bloody or two!  Cheers and thanks to everyone who came in today!!!