World Cup Day 3-6

The Jabulani, Vuvuzela’s, and one huge upset represent the best story-lines over the past 4 days.  The Jabulani, the new super high-tech ball designed by Adidas, has continued to come under scrutiny with comments by some of the world’s best coaches that something must be done.  Doesn’t seem to me that Germany or Argentina have a problem with it.  The incessant buzzing/trumpeting has continued uninterrupted since day 1 and FIFA has gone as far as to say that no action will be taken regarding the noise makers.  If only we could watch just one game without having to deal with the racket!  There has been talk that there is a new Vuvuzela in the works that is only half as loud.  So does that mean it is only half as annoying???  Either way, we can only hope that FIFA does something for the next go around in Brazil.

The talk at the bar as of late has been almost exclusively about the cup, especially what the US 1-1 draw against England really means.  Even though Slovenia currently leads group C, our 1 point puts us in the position to go top of the group with a victory Friday morning.  Oh, and just in case you haven’t heard, we are going to be back open for breakfast this Friday for the game from 9am-noon.  Both Dempsey and Howard have echoed the neccesity of a victory and have chosen their words wisely in the interviews and articles featuring them this week.  There is little doubt that we should come away with 3 points but at least one point must be taken in order to stay alive in this group.

But the biggest news of the week so far has been the shocker of the Swiss defeating cup favorites Spain.  In what was clearly an utter domination by the Spanish, the Swiss some how pieced it all together and came away with 3 points against a Spanish side that was on a 12-game win streak.  It is hard to imagine how this happened and even after watching the game a second time, it was as though the Spanish were all on the same page, just a different sentence.  Hopefully the Spaniards will be smart and call on the likes of Fernando Torres and co. to come in and turn around their tournament.  And if you aren’t sure what is at stake, the Spanish must finish first in their group because a second place finish almost certainly means a round of 16 match right away with Brazil.  Based on what I have heard around town, quite a few people have a Brazil v Spain final (myself included, ouch).

This weekend is the first of two exchange Sunday’s with the Three Penny Taproom. Start over at their place or ours and then we will meet here for the second game and then back to Montpelier to watch the third.  If you are interested or able to drive, please let either myself or Scott at the taproom know.  Bloody’s and Burrito’s special for all those in attendance!

All in all, the world cup is just getting started and it has been a pretty good one so far!  Life is good and the US is on track to win their group!   Hope to see you all here at the bar and for breakfast!!!!