World Cup Day 7-14

France, gone. Italy, gone.  USA, through to the second round with a possible path that could see the US squirm it’s way all the way to the semi’s,(in my bracket at least.)  There are a thousand things to discuss and digest from these last 8 days of the World Cup.  The field of 16 will be set in stone tomorrow with really only 2 of the remaining four spots in question.  The biggest question remaining is what will Spain do.  After seeing two of the perennial powerhouses dragged through the mud and the muck of this tournament, by some of the weakest teams in the tourney no less, is definitely making people doubt their pre-tourney selection of Spain as the champions.

On a totally different note, Ponzi, Piccirillo, and Mr. Chissell have descended upon the hostel in an almost reunion-esque fashion.  Brady and the Finch’s should be here tomorrow and the summer is starting to look bright and bountiful as we continue to get pounded by rain.  The garden looks great dad, I will try and get you a picture soon. Have fun at Relay for Life!

Back to the soccer.  The USA has faced an enormous amount of adversity, whether it be poor officiating or just plain bad luck, but now find themselves in an extremely powerful position having finished top of the group.  And the fact that this means England play Germany is just all the more sweet.  Once again, history rears it’s ugly head and will be no different this year than any of their previous encounters.  If you want to know more about why the English and Germans hate each other, please see any world/european history book focusing on the first half of the 20th century.  Although the soccer has the potential to be top notch, I feel as though their is going to be more focus on the fans and their interactions than on the game itself.  Not only do the English have numerous chants mocking the germans, but the two fan groups have a sordid past when it comes to world cup matches.  Hopefully cooler heads will prevail and all will be peaceful and quiet, I just wish there was a way they could knock each other out in the same game . . .

Back to the USA. Other than the nerves that we all experienced here at the hostel, it was one of the most exciting games i have ever witnessed.  Thank you to everyone who came in  and cheered on the US to victory!  Now we prepare for Ghana on Saturday @ 2pm, a team we lost to in the 2006 world cup.  Revenge anyone?

Hope to see you all here for the game!