Wrong type of Precipitation . . . for the moment

Last I checked, we still live in (the)Vermont.  And as far as I am aware, it is december 6th.  So can someone please explain to me why it’s raining? Not that this isn’t normal for December, and, like the last two years, the snowy season has started off slowly.  Rumors were that the mountain would be open tomorrow and we have been informed the snow-making crews are working hard to get a base down, but the without a little cooperation from Mother Nature, my guess is it will be a week before there is no turning back.  Not to worry, this just gives everyone a few more days to get their skis and boards tuned and make those last minute plans; booking a bed at the Hostel for instance. The snow will come, that’s a given. When it will come, who knows.  But when it does, we will be here.


Put another one on the board for Rodgers and the boys, 12-0.