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Explorers PARADISE: & Tevere is your perfect BASE Surrounded by Mountains and Lakes you'll find yourself in the heart of the action. Capital City, Montpelier The Hostel! Sugarbush Resort Mad River Glen

Birch Room

The Birch room contains 3 bunks. It can accommodate up to 6 guests and is a mixed female/male dorm.

Kehoe Room

The Kehoe room contains 3 bunk beds. It can accommodate up to 6 guests and is a mixed female/male dorm.

The Dormitory

The Dorm contains 7 single beds. It is a mixed female/male dorm.

Quebec Room

The Quebec room is a private room that can accommodate 4 people.  It has a shared hallway bath.

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  1. The Decision – Oh where will I stay???….Well thats actually an easy one.

    With awesome rooms, great atmosphere, sick location and the friendliest staff Tevere is really the only good choice 😀

  2. Book – Just use our super simple booking system and book Live

    With our freedom cancellation policy we can be as flexible as your trip.

  3. Wait – Well this is the sucky part..Not long now!

    Remember if you have any questions about your trip, feel free to get in touch with one of our awesome team and they will do all they can to help you out.

  4. Arrival – Yay! Its finally here!

    Be sure to check your emails for all check-in instructions from us. This is where you will find all the info you will ever need…about the hostel…for everything else, try us or Google’s likely your best bet.

  5. Check-in – DONE!

    Yes it’s that simple!

  6. Relax & Explore

    Whether its summer or winter or even in between, there’s so much to explore. If you need some ideas just come chat to the team!

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Eat & Drink with us


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